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Point Of Sale Systems for Pizza Restaurants

Pizza food is the ultimate answer to most fast food lovers. They would content just having the meal for the rest of their lives. The problem is that having it too much would create health problems to the modern weight-conscience generation. Many customers would love to have their pizza at the smallest effort or movement. That is why the delivery services of the Pizza parlors are always busy as compared to other delivery services. With new technologies and modern inventions, IT experts have been able to develop software that can ease the point of sale of Pizza. These systems pre-installed features such as raw ingredient tracking, EMV compliance and have the ability to simply complex orders for the benefit of the workers.

Some cloud systems also allow for the customers to make their orders online. They have options on how they want their pizzas delivered. The most notable pizza point of sale systems are Harbortouch, Revel, clover station, shopkeep, and toast. These points of sale systems have their merits and disadvantages. They can be discussed in details, and how they outdo each one another.


This system comes well fitted with ingredient tracking. Though it was never made for pizzerias, it has proved to be a critical aspect for the success of many small and medium size parlors. It is easy to customize and is scaleable. Each parlor can set up its system then add various toppingS then add it its price as the total cost of a pizza. The system is versatile and reliable. When offline, the system can still carry out transactions done through credit cards and in case of any breakdown or any other problem, the manufacturers have a very qualified customer support staffs that are always ready to help.Its ability to integrate various payment platforms permits purchasers to make payments in their preferred merchant service provider. The system is considered a perfect POS for pizzerias, but it would still need more features such the inclusion of units of measure to make inventory management more efficient. Features such as online ordering and delivery tracking are very important features that should be added to this system so that parlors that use the system have more advantages that in the end helps in increasing sales levels.

Clover station
This system has a unique model. It does not work on consumer tablets or iPads even though it is web-based. It has POS hardware made by clovers on which it operates on with functions and looks similar to those of tablet or iPad. The hardware has just one advantage over iPads and tablets; it is impervious to unnecessary operating system updates. These updates sometimes interfere with functions of web-based points of sale systems.

Clover is sold by merchant service providers and this means that the seller may decide which payment platforms are allowed and which ones are not allowed. These providers also offer diverse hardware rates and swipe charges. The buyer can negotiate the price but the prices would always cost more than shopkeep clover with many applications installed on it would cost more than the one with few applications installed. The system can easily be modified.

This system is one of the excellent web-based points of sale systems. It is typically designed for eateries. Its merits include its ability to update menu online, give tip percentages and digital receipts that can be printed. It comes with its own in-house payment option and customers cannot use other merchant service providers.

This is the most all-inclusive system. It has all the key attributes and lots of integrations. Customers can make orders online and has advanced delivery management. The deliveries can also be tracked online. The system would easily pass for the best POS system for pizzerias, but the lengthy and complex set up process can never be ignored. Their customer support is also slow than other suppliers.